Industrial Minerals

We cover all aspects of open-pit and underground mining operations and have years of experience working with limestone, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum and other mineral clients.

Our skills in handling issues facing industrial minerals producers include:

  • Cost control
  • Operational optimization
  • The ability to expand into new markets, and
  • Exploration services

Major clients include:

  • Lafarge North America
  • PCS Phosphate
  • US Gypsum Corporation
  • Ash Grove Cement Company
  • Fred Weber

Tell us what you need. We get results by solving customer problems.

Golder’s savvy and insights, supported by a strong set of mining IT technical tools, help us provide our clients with solutions and the development of initial exploration activities; conceptual, pre-feasibility and feasibility evaluations; and, full scale production support.

Project Spotlight

Ash Grove Cement Company

Challenge:  Impact that mine development would have on existing county road.

Solution:  Golder developed a mine plan that maximized the limestone extracted from the pit providing Ash Grove with additional time to deal with the county on road issues.

Challenge:  Assessment of benefits of replacing the existing haul truck fleet with a conveyor system to reduce transportation costs.

Solution:  Golder's study confirmed the existing truck/shovel approach thus providing Chanute with the most economic alternative for moving limestone and shale from the quarry to the cement plant at this location.

Challenge:  Balance ore availability while minimizing waste stripping costs.

Solution:  Golder developed a geological model that helped lower the cost by reducing stripping requirements.