3d-Dig 2000 Desktop Mining Simulation Solution

3d-Dig 2000 is a powerful 3-dimensional modeling tool utilized in opencast and open-pit coal mining projects.  It is particularly powerful for dragline simulation, strip sequence optimization and rehandle calculation.  Built-in modules give the ability to model shovel/truck, excavator/truck, bucket wheel and dozer push – allowing detailed modeling of all aspects of mining operation including the individual steps of excavation, dump and detailed machine performance.

The 3d-Dig 2000 Mining Simulation System Provides Users

  • Detailed dragline volumetric modeling and simulations (machine performance)
  • On-the-fly topographic modeling, including detailed excavation/dumping simulations
  • Detailed volumetrics and productivity reports of the mining processes
  • Accurate visual representation of the mine advance and the equipment utilized
  • 3-dimensional visualization and animation of the mining process
  • Details of a proposed design packaged and transferred to any PC for communication purposes
  • Visual representation of geologic and mining surfaces
  • User-friendly interface – intuitive menus and buttons/dialogue boxes


Developer and Distributor

Earth Technology developed 3d-Dig software and partnered with the Dragline Productivity Center, part of the Coal Research Center for the Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU), to be the exclusive North American distributor of 3d-Dig software.  In addition, SIU provides initial software training. 




Golder is a strategic partner and representative as well as the exclusive consultant to provide advanced 3d-Dig training and consulting.  This includes detailed mine planning consulting support and advice for dragline simulation and modeling using 3d-Dig.  Golder has performed project feasibility studies and related engineering work at coal projects and mines worldwide, and now adds 3d-Dig to its comprehensive software repertoire which also includes other modeling products such as Mincom, Minex, Vulcan, AutoCad, SurvCADD and ArcGIS.