Software Services


Golder relies on a suite of cutting-edge mining and support applications that drive productivity and value in the technological services provided.  These include: Minescape, Vulcan, Gemcom, Surpac, Carlson Mining & Advanced Mining, 3d-Dig, Autocad, Microstation, and ArcGIS. Additionally, Golder has strategic alliances with vendors who provide these applications.

Golder combines graphic design and delivery into an enterprise-wide, web-based, map delivery system without the need for specific mapping products or software to be required by the end-user.


Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) deployments are the norm in most large scale operations spanning and integrating data from the disparate operations and corporate offices.  It provides a unified view into all facets of the operations - from documents to processes.

Conventional implementations of ERP and EAM solutions often lose a repository of spatial information that is usually confined to the purview of mining operations.  These typically entail geologic information, mine planning databases, lease information, and public data pertinent to operations (oil and gas wells, power lines, etc.).  Large players in the ERP and EAM arena have slowly recognized this missing facet and are in the process of incorporating geospatial data access and management processes into their overall solutions.

Golder continues to make strides in providing cutting edge solutions with strategic business partnerships with ESRI and other GIS solution providers.  We are currently reviewing procedures to incorporate GPS equipped mobile mine equipment tracking into its solutions.


SMART Benchmarking

The SMART (Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology) benchmarking project was initiated in 2003 by three oil sands mining firms in Alberta, Canada.  The benchmarking project endeavored to establish a consortium wherein surface mining operators could easily compare key performance indicators to gauge their relative performance within the industry.  The intent was to slowly expand the consortium to include a variety of mining operations where the population of subscribers would allow comparisons across discrete segments of the industry – oil sands, dragline, hard rock, coal, etc.

Golder was engaged by the SMART committee in 2004 to develop a preliminary low cost method to prove the concept and to initiate discussion among members of the SMART committee.  The original concept revolved around a simple database and spreadsheets as the graphing and reporting tool.

The SMART benchmarking subscriber database presently has nine participating members with operations now including iron ore, gold, diamonds, coal and oil sands.  For additional information,



Developed by Earth Technology Pty. Ltd., 3d-Dig is  unique in the dragline planning and simulation arena.  The software goes beyond the realm of simple two-dimensional range diagrams and allows the user to visualize in real-time the positioning and placement of equipment and spoil together with sequenced animations which effectively communicate the complete mining sequence. 

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